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Giorgio Scita

A cell biologist and expert on the dynamics of cell movement, Giorgio Scita directs the Mechanisms of Tumor Cell Migration research unit at IFOM.
Born in 1963 near Parma, Scita enrolled in the Faculty of Biology at the University of Parma in 1982 with a precise intention: to study animal behavior alongside the famous Italian ethologist Danilo Mainardi.
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Mechanisms of Tumor Cell Migration

The ability of multicellular tissue to alter their phenotypic and morphological characteristics, known as cellular plasticity, is critical in development, but also frequently exploited in adult life, such as during wound repair or de novo tissue vascularization, or in pathological situations, first and foremost during tumor dissemination.
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Laboratory location: Milan, Italy

Recent publications

  • Corallino S, Malinverno C, Neuman B, Tischer C, Palamidessi A, Frittoli E, Panagiotakopoulou M, Disanza A, Malet-Engra G, Nastaly P, Galli C, Luise C, Bertalot G, Pece S, Di Fiore PP, Gauthier NC, Ferrari A, Maiuri P, Scita G (2018)
    A RAB35-p85/PI3K axis controls oscillatory apical protrusions required for efficient chemotactic migration.
    Nature communications. 2018 In press
  • Sigismund S. and Scita. G.
    The “endocytic matrix reloaded” and its impact on the plasticity of migratory strategies.
    Current Opinion in Cell Biology. 2018. In press
  • Gerboth, S., Frittoli, E., Palamidessi, A., Baltanas, FC., Mogjiborahman, S., Rappsilber, J., Giuliani, C., Troglio, F., Rolland, Y., Pruneri, G., Kreutmair, S., Pallavicini, I., Zobel, M., Cinquanta, M., Minucci, S., Gomez, C., Santos, E., Illert, AI., Scita, G. 2017
    Phosphorylation of SOS1 on tyrosine 1196 promotes its RAC GEF activity and contributes to BCR-ABL leukemogenesis.
    Leukemia. Aug 18. [Epub ahead of print] IF= 11.702
  • Malinverno, C., S. Corallino, F. Giavazzi, M. Bergert, Q. Li, M. Leoni, A. Disanza, E. Frittoli, A. Oldani, E. Martini, T. Lendenmann, G. Deflorian, G.V. Beznoussenko, D. Poulikakos, K.H. Ong, M. Uroz, X. Trepat, D. Parazzoli, P. Maiuri, W. Yu, A. Ferrari, R. Cerbino, and G. Scita. 2017.
    Endocytic reawakening of motility in jammed epithelia.
    Nature Materials. 16:587-596. IF = 39.74

Group members

Emanuela Frittoli
Staff Scientist
Andrea Disanza
Andrea Palamidessi
Post Doc
Green Brenda
Kumar DaySumit
Post Doc - Guest
Abdo Hind
Marchesi Stefano
Phd Student
Barzaghi Leonardo

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