IFOM Scientific Vision

Scientific Vision


This is the precondition that allowed IFOM to be created as a network of scientists coming from the Italian main research centres. It has since then become the IFOM way for "doing science": it means working together with the best scientific centres in both the national and international arena.

Multi- disciplinary

Scientific research requires multiple skills that cross over time and are combined in a flexible way. It is not anymore the "superscientist" looking for answers, but both a mixed and multi-disciplinary team with complementary technological and scientifical skills able to tackle the issue from different angles. The real challenge is to integrate different languages specific to each discipline.


We consider scientific research a global effort right from the start and ever more relying on international networks. These interconnections share research objectives, resources, technologies, skills and training programs. We believe this is an added value for Italy as for science, economics and professional development.