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Working environment

Tailor-made scientific services

Paying attention to women

We pay particular attention to women researchers, as 30% of them also have children, in order to allow them to happily meet family needs with the development of their scientific career. The "G Lab" is one of the tools that IFOM has designed for that: it is a lab specifically designed for pregnant or breastfeeding women researchers. It gives them the opportunity to work in an extremely safe environment adopting protocols that could also be applied elsewhere.

Research never stops

Day to day activities in the lab are marked by the rhythm and needs of the experiments. This is the reason why IFOM researchers have free access to labs and services 24/7 any day of the year, so as to flexibly address all their research needs.

Technical kitchen

In the backstage of our labs you can also find a highly qualified staff for the support of researchers' activities. It is called "technical kitchen" and takes care of the preparation and storage of solutions, antibiotics, cell culture and sterilization of any lab material.

IFOM infrastructure

Quality of life

Welcoming services

In order to facilitate the integration in the Italian cultural context of our foreign staff - almost 25% of the total - and help them deal with culture shock IFOM has set up an international welcoming service providing language support as well as offering assistance to face all administrative matters related to the entrance into a new country, such as visa, work permit, medical insurance, housing and utilities.

Guest House

Moving to a new city or country in order to follow a specific scientific career entails some practical duties, such as finding an accomodation, which are extremely time consuming and therefore can hardly be reconciled with the start of a new activity. To tackle this, a guest house is freely available for researchers moving to Milan for the first few weeks.

The kindergarden

Meeting family and work related needs is very complicated in any kind of job. It is even more so in research where experiments are unpredictable in their evolution. IFOM has therefore signed an agreement with a nursery located close-by taking care of kids from 12 to 36 months. Flexibility helps researchers in their daily work and daily lessons in English help integration of kids coming from abroad.