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Marta Kovatcheva

Marta was born in Sofia, Bulgaria and grew up in Toronto, Canada. She obtained her Hon. BSc. in Molecular Genetics at the University of Toronto in 2010. Marta completed her undergraduate thesis under the supervision of Dr. Daniel Durocher, studying the role of ubiquitin signaling in the double strand break DNA damage response. read more

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Cell Plasticity & Aging

The concept of “cell plasticity” refers to the capacity of a cell to adopt different identities without any genetic mutations. A classic example of cell plasticity occurs during development, when embryonic stem cells differentiate into the immense diversity of cell types we see in the adult body. It is now appreciated that cell plasticity also plays an important role in adult tissues, particularly in the context of injury and regeneration, where it is indispensable for tissue repair. read more

Laboratory location: Milan, Italy

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