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Would you like to discover how a molecular oncology lab is organized? What if you could talk with scientists directly involved in the study of molecular mechanisms underlying cancer formation and development?

Take part to one of the two Open Days devoted to high school students, teachers and curious citizens!


Open Days

An all-round experience to discover how an international research centre works, which are the more promising areas of cancer research and which are the cutting-edge technologies used by scientists. Since the great success of the last year edition, after the tour in IFOM labs, students will participate in a round table with scientists to discuss about different types of career in science, the daily life of a researcher, and goals and achievements of cancer research. Moreover, also for this year, one Open Day will be entirely dedicated to international students and to Italian students interested into attending the lab visits in English.


On Friday, 20th March 2020

On Thursday, 2nd April 2020



How to attend

You can enrol in the Open Day starting from 7th January 2020 by sending an email to youscientist-team[@]ifom.eu. Please specify the total number of attendees, the type of school and give details of at least one teacher (name, surname, email address and telephone number).

It is possible to register up to 30 people from a single school.

Registrations will be on a first come, first served basis. We will give priority to schools that did not attend the last edition.