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Elisabetta Dejana at the Festival of Science and Philosophy in Foligno

Elisabetta Dejana
Elisabetta Dejana

Elisabetta Dejana will be a guest at the fifth edition of the Festival of Science and Philosophy in Foligno, an event that has become an annual fixture attracting Science enthusiasts from all over Italy to this Umbrian city. This year's theme will be Science and the Future.
Elisabetta Dejana will have two appointments with the public, both on April 11:

  • At 10:00: "How to become famous: stories of discoveries and treatments" in the San Domenico Auditorium;
  • At 17:15: "Starve tumours to reduce their growth. A single treatment for many different diseases?" in the splendid setting of the Hall of the Allegories in the Orfini Palace.

Link: www.festascienzafilosofia.it

Those who are not able to participate in person can follow the live feed of the conference at: www.festascienzafilosofia.it/2015/04/guarda-in-streaming-le-conferenze-della-festa-di-scienza-e-filosofia/

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