Figure 1: Laser light tilted by a Total Internal Reflection Fluorescence Microscope (TIRFM) travelling through a fluorescence slide

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Optical imaging is a continuosly evolving field which brings more and more sophisticated visualization technologies and methods to the biomedical community, making it an essential and versatile tool for both researchers and clinicians.

Cancer research has particularly benefited from the physical properties of the light: as a matter of fact, the different ways light interacts with cells and tissues paved the way to multiple contrasts methods which are now routinely in use to explore and unravel the underlying molecular mechanisms of tumor formation and development.

The interpretation of these photophysical events and the acquisition of morphological and functional information of the relevant biological systems is possible only through synergies between different disciplines such as biology, physics, chemistry and bioinformatics.

At IFOM, the Imaging Technological Development Unit (TDU) provides state-of-the-art technological platforms in the field of light microscopy, flow cytometry and cell sorting. A team of highly qualified and experienced people with different scientific backgrounds support IFOM's research activities, not only during the preparation and acquisition of the sample, but also in post-processing of data and image analysis.

The available systems meet the needs and demands of both senior researchers using sophisticated methods and technologies and students at the beginning of their scientific career who require assistance and dedicated training for professional development.

Dario Parazzoli

Dario Parazzoli

Born in Milano, Dario Parazzoli has shown very early his interest in the interplay of physics and biology. Graduated in Physics from the University in Milan with a thesis on the characterization of the dispersion pattern of radionuclides in the environment from the Chernobyl nuclear disaster, Dario's career has since then followed a path at the intersection of technology and the biological effects of radiations. Pursuing this passion, in 1997 he joined a leading industrial company in the field of microscopy where he had the opportunity to work as project manager at the forefront of confocal technology and high-end solutions for life science microscopy. In 2004, after almost a decade in the industry where he also refined his managerial abilities, Dario decided to deepen his interests in biomedical research by joining the research arm of the European Institute of Oncology in Milano where he was a key figure in setting up an advanced configuration of a Total Internal Fluorescence Microscope making it suitable for long time living cell applications. In 2008 he briefly joined the National Institute of Molecular Genetics where he established the imaging facility but in 2009 he was back in cancer research at IFOM where he now leads the Imaging Technological Development Unit (TDU).

Unit members

Sara Barozzi
Shadi Bahiri
Francesca Casagrande
Zeno Lavagnino
Serena Magni
Sara Michela Martone
Fabrizio Orsenigo
Maria Grazia Totaro

Selected Unit Publications

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Figure 2: Interrogation point of a FACS Sorter

Figure 2: Particle Image Velocimetry (PIV) Analysis of a wound healing experiment

3D rendering of a mitotic He-La cell
(blue chromatin, green CREST, red tubulin)