IFOM Pubblicazioni Paolo Maiuri

Pubblicazioni Paolo Maiuri

Main publications

  1. Nastały P, Purushothaman D, Marchesi S, Poli A, Lendenmann T, Kidiyoor GR, Beznoussenko GV, Lavore S, Romano OM, Poulikakos D, Lagomarsino MC, Mironov AA, Ferrari A, Maiuri P.
    Role of the nuclear membrane protein Emerin in front-rear polarity of the nucleus
    Nat Commun. 2020 May 1;11(1):2122. doi: 10.1038/s41467-020-15910-9.

  2. P. Maiuri, J.F. Rupprecht, S. Wieser, V. Ruprecht, O. Benichou, N. Carpi, M. Coppey, S. De Beco, N. Gov, C.P. Heisenberg, C. Large-Crespo, F. Lautenschlaeger, M. Le Berre, A. M. Lennon-Dumenil, M. Raab, H.R. Thiam, M. Piel, M. Sixt, R. Voituriez.
    Actin flows mediate a universal coupling between cell speed and cell persistence.
    Cell, 2015.

  3. Y.J.Liu, M. Le Berre, F. Lautenschlaeger, P Maiuri, A.C. Jones, M. Heuzé, T Takaki, R. Voituriez, M. Piel.
    Confinement in a non-adhesive environment induces fast amoeboid migration of slow mesenchymal cells.
    Cell, 2015.

  4. A. J. Jimenez, P. Maiuri, J. Lafaurie-Janvore, S. Divoux, M. Piel, F. Perez.
    ESCRT Machinery Is Required for Plasma Membrane Repair.
    Science, 2014.

  5. J. Lafaurie-Janvore, P. Maiuri, I. Wang, M. Pinot, JB. Manneville, T. Betz, M. Balland, M. Piel.
    ESCRT-III assembly and cytokinetic abscission are induced by tension release in the intercellular bridge.
    Science, 2013.

  6. P. Maiuri, E. Terriac, P. Paul-Gilloteaux, T. Vignaud, K. McNally, J. Onuffer, K. Thorn, P.A. Nguyen, N. Georgoulia, D. Soong, A. Jayo, N. Beil, J. Beneke, J. Chooi Hong Lim, C. Pei-Ying Sim, Y. Chu, A. Jiménez-Dalmaroni, J.F. Joanny, J.P. Thiery, H. Erfle, M. Parsons, T.J. Mitchison, W.A. Lim, A.M. Lennon-Duménil, M. Piel, M. Théry.
    The first World Cell Race.
    Current Biology, 2012.

  7. P. Maiuri, A. Knezevich, A. de Marco, D. Mazza, A. Kula, J.G. McNally, A. Marcello.
    Fast transcription rates of RNA polymerase II in human cells.
    EMBO Reports, 2011.

Other publications

  1. P. Vargas , P. Maiuri , M. Bretou, P.J. Sàez, P. Pierobon, M. Maurin, M. Chabaud, D. Lankar, D. Obino, E. Terriac, M. Raab, H.R. Thiam, T. Brocker, S.M. Kitchen-Goosen, A.S. Alberts, P. Sunareni, S. Xia, R. Li, R. Voituriez, M. Piel, A.M. Lennon-Duménil.
    Innate control of actin nucleation determines two distinct migration behaviours in dendritic cells.
    Nature Cell Biology, 2016.

  2. M. Shafaq-Zadah M, C.S. Gomes-Santos, S. Bardin, P. Maiuri, M. Maurin, J. Iranzo, A. Gautreau, C. Lamaze, P. Caswell, B. Goud, L. Johannes.
    Persistent cell migration and adhesion rely on retrograde transport of β1 integrin.
    Nature Cell Biology, 2016

  3. L. Miorin, P. Maiuri, A. Marcello.
    Visual detection of Flavivirus RNA in living cells.
    Commentary; Methods, 2015

  4. M. Chabaud, M. L Heuzé, M. Bretou, P. Vargas, P. Maiuri, P. Solanes, M. Maurin, E. Terriac, M. Le Berre, D. Lankar, T. Piolot, R. Adelstein, Y. Zhang, M. Sixt, J. Jacobelli, O. Bénichou, R. Voituriez, M. Piel, and A. M. Lennon-Duménil.
    Cell migration and antigen capture are antagonistic processes coupled by myosin II in dendritic cells.
    Nature Communications, 2015

  5. A. J. Jimenez, P. Maiuri, J. Lafaurie-Janvore, F. Perez, M. Piel.
    Laser induced wounding of the plasma membrane and methods to study the repair process.
    Method in Cell Biology, 2015.

  6. P. Solanes, P. Vargas, M. Maurin, M. L. Heuzé, F. Lautenschlaeger, P. Maiuri, E. Terriac, M. Bretou, P. Launay, M. Piel, A. Lennon-Duménil.
    Space exploration by Dendritic Cells relies on maintenance of cell polarity and Myosin II activity by IP3 Receptor 1.
    EMBO, 2015.

  7. S.F. van Dongen, P. Maiuri, M. Piel.
    A reagent-based dynamic trigger for cell adhesion, shape change, or cocultures.
    Methods in Cell Biology, 2014.

  8. V.C. Martinelli, W.B. Kyle, S. Kojic, N. Vitulo, Z. Li, A. Belgrano, P. Maiuri, L. Banks, M. Vatta, G. Valle, G. Faulkner
    ZASP Interacts with the Mechanosensing Protein Ankrd2 and p53 in the Signalling Network of Striated Muscle
    PloS One, 2014

  9. M. Le Berre, YJ. Liu, J. Hu, P. Maiuri, O. Bénichou, R. Voituriez, Y. Chen, M. Piel.
    Geometric friction directs cell migration.
    Physical Review Letters, 2013

  10. S.F.M. van Dongen, P. Maiuri, E. Marie, C. Tribet, M. Piel.
    Triggering Cell Adhesion, Migration or Shape Change with a Dynamic Surface Coating.
    Advanced Materials, 2013.

  11. L. Miorin, I. Romero-Brey, P. Maiuri, S. Hoppe, J. Krijnse-Locker, R. Bartenschlager, A. Marcello.
    Three-Dimensional Architecture of Tick-Borne Encephalitis Virus Replication Sites and Trafficking of the Replicated RNA.
    Journal of virology, 2013

  12. A. Marcello, D. Sblattero, C. Cioarec, P. Maiuri, P. Melpignano.
    A deep-blue OLED-based biochip for protein microarray fluorescence detection.
    Biosensors and Bioelectronics, 2013.

  13. P. Maiuri, A. Knezevich, E. Bertrand, A. Marcello.
    TReal-time imaging of the HIV-1 transcription cycle in single living cells.
    Methods, 2011.

  14. A. De Marco, P. D. Dans, A. Knezevich, P. Maiuri, S. Pantano, A. Marcello.
    Subcellular localization of the interaction between the human immunodeficiency virus transactivator Tat and the nucleosome assembly protein 1.
    Amino Acids, 2010.

  15. M. Dieudonné, P. Maiuri, C. Biancotto, A. Knezevich, A. Kula, M. Lusic and A. Marcello.
    Transcriptional competence of the integrated HIV-1 provirus at the nuclear periphery.
    EMBO, 2009.

  16. L. Miorin, P. Maiuri, V.M. Hoenninger, C.W. Mandl, A. Marcello
    Spatial and temporal organization of tick-borne encephalitis flavivirus replicated RNA in living cells.
    Virology, 2008.

  17. A. De Marco, C. Biancotto, A. Knezevich, P. Maiuri, C. Vardabasso, A. Marcello.
    Intragenic transcriptional cis-activation of the human immunodeficiency virus 1 does not result in allele-specific inhibition of the endogenous gene.
    Retrovirology, 2008.

  18. S. Boireau*, P. Maiuri*, E. Basyuk*, M. de la Mata, A. Knezevich, B. Pradet-Balade, V. Bäcker, A. Kornblihtt, A. Marcello, E. Bertrand. * equal contribution
    The transcriptional cycle of HIV-1 in real-time and live cells.
    Journal of Cell Biology, 2007.

  19. D. Molle, P. Maiuri, S. Boireau, E. Bertrand, A. Knezevich, A. Marcello, E. Basyuk.
    A real-time view of the TAR:Tat:P-TEFb complex at HIV-1 transcription sites.
    Retrovirology, 2007.

  20. M. Portaccio, S. Di Martino, P. Maiuri, D. Durante, P. De Luca, M. Lepore, U. Bencivenga, S. Rossi, A. De Maio, D.G. Mita.
    Biosensors for phenolic compounds: The catechol as a substrate model.
    Journal of Molecular Catalysis B: Enzymatic, 2006.

  21. M. Lepore, M. Portaccio, E. De Tommasi, P. De Luca, U. Bencivenga, P. Maiuri, D. G. Mita.
    Glucose concentration determination by means of fluorescence emission spectra of soluble and insoluble oxidase: same useful indications for optical fibre-based sensors.
    Journal of Molecular Catalysis B: Enzymatic, 2004.